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P & B Golds Motor Protection Relays (Click for more product information)


The Golds' Motor Protection Relay has been protecting large electric drives around the world for over 50 years. Any size of motor may be protected and the protection can also extend to the machinery which the motor drives. The relays are used extensively with motors driving power station auxiliaries and also have a wide variety of industrial applications.


* Thermal Electro-mechanical Relays

* Designed to protect polyphase motors against damage when subjected to

overload, single phasing or unbalance conditions depending upon motor load

and unbalance settings. Additionally an instantaneous element is included to

afford protection against earth leakage.

* Type MW5AX superseded the 2 models MW5X & M5AX


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P & B Digital Protection Relays (Click for more product information)






Combining Protection with Instrumentation, Control and Serial Communications. P&B through the industry standard GOLDS relay has been at the forefront of Motor Protection in the UK and overseas for over 60 years. The MR range introduced 10 years ago is already firmly established as its successor, offering a Microprocessor alternative to the Electromechanical relay.



* Motor Protection

* Transformer / Feeder Protection

* Generator Protection

* Digital MR & MPR Series

* Motorvision (MV2)

* Feedervision (FV2)

* Microvision Series

* Supervision Series


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P & B Buchholz Relays for Protection of Oil Filled Transformers

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* Mark 10 Gas & Oil Operated (Buchholz) Relays

* Dry Air Pump for On-site Testing of Gas and Oil operated Buchholz relays


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P & B Earthing Equipment (Click for more product information)



* For Outdoor High Voltage Sub-Stations

* For Use on 132kV, 275kV & 400kV Overhead Line Conductors

* For 3-Phase High Voltage Overhead Lines up to 66kV

* Earth Discharge Rod

* Voltage Detectors


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P & B Rail Equipment


* T-COD (Track Circuit Operating Device) Equipment

* Short Circuiting Straps

* Interlocked Earths


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