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Precision Instruments

Tinsley product range include Precision Resistance Thermometry, Resistance Measurement, Standard Resistors, Specialist Standards Equipment, Portable Bridges, Decade Resistance Boxes, Air Cooled Shunts, Transformer Test Equipment, Coil Test Equipment, Power Analysers, Submarine Cable Test Equipment , Specialist Electronics Equipment.


Coil Test Equipment


A range of equipment for checking for shorted turns and the number of turns on a former.


9600 Series

The Tinsley Turns Counter type 9600 has been designed to check the number of turns on a winding immediately after it has been wound.


9600 Series - Coil Turns Counters

Platform 9600 & Control Software 9600-307

Quick and easy to operate, the type 9600 provides an instant readout of turns and performance is not affected by a normal workshop environment. In operation calibration is made against a standard coil.

Platform Types 9601 and 9602

The platform types 9601 and 9602 cover the most commonly found sizes of wound bobbins or self supporting coils. Simple to use, the bobbin is placed over the probe and the termination leads, connected to the platform. The number of turns on the bobbin is then instantly displayed on the 9600 readout unit.

Platform Type 9603

The platform type 9603 is most suited to the smaller sizes of bobbins and coils and is available with a choice of probe size. The standard 'flat' probe has a cross-section of 1.5 x 6.0mm. The alternative 'square' probe has a cross-section of 2.5 x 2.5mm.

Platform Types 9604 and 9605

The platform types 9604 and 9605 are designed for the measurement of Iarger wound bobbins and self supporting coils. In operation the probe must be lifted to allow the test sample to be positioned in the measurement area. After making electrical connection to the coil Ieadouts the number of turns can then be read from the 9600 readout unit.

Platform Types 9606 and 9607

The platforms types 9606 and 9607 are specially designed to measure toroidal wound coils. The 9606 is suitable for small cores and the type 9607 is suitable for the larger varieties.



Shorted Turns Tester Type 5863

The type 5863 Shorted Turns Tester has been designed to meet the ever increasing demand for accuracy and reliability in component manufacture.


Portable Q meter type 5867

The Tinsley type 5867 uses a wound component's "Q" to give an indication of the quality of the component. It is used to compare the electrical characteristics between windings, either between a known good example and a unit under test or between phases of a three phase device.



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