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Precision Instruments


Presentation of a Wide Range of Measuring Instruments for Testing, Calibration, Standards, Industrial Measurement & Research.



Brief History


Established in 1904, Tinsley has long been internationally recognised as a leading instrument manufacturer. They operate to the most exacting quality standards, having their own NAMAS laboratory for calibration and are also ISO9001 registered.

Tinsley products, which benefit from a continued R&D programme, are supplied to and found in all sectors of industry, and standards laboratories worldwide. As well as standard instruments, special products can also be designed and manufactured to customer specifications.


Tinsley product range include Precision Resistance Thermometry, Resistance Measurement, Standard Resistors, Specialist Standards Equipment, Portable Bridges, Decade Resistance Boxes, Air Cooled Shunts, Transformer Test Equipment, Coil Test Equipment, Power Analysers, Submarine Cable Test Equipment , Specialist Electronics Equipment.



Product Range


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Precision Resistance Thermometry

Resistance Thermometer Bridges and Primary Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometers covering the range -189C to 660C. Tinsley also manufacture suitable Standard Resistors for calibration.



Resistance Measurement

Precision resistance measurement equipment for a range of applications. Specialist units measure down to fractions of a micro-ohm with high accuracy.



Standard Resistors

Tinsley Standards are in use by many of the National Standards Laboratories throughout the world.



Specialist Standards Equipment

Tinsley manufacture a wide range of Standards and Calibration Room equipment Including Standard Capacitors, Self and Mutual Inductors and Precision Inductive Dividers.



Portable Bridges

A range of affordable battery operated test equipment for the measurement of resistance.



Decade Resistance Boxes

A range of units to cover the requirements of development laboratories and calibration and test departments. High resistance instruments provide reliable calibration of insulation testers.



Air Cooled Shunts

The Air Cooled DC Shunts cover a very wide range of current from 1.5 Amperes to 20,000 Amperes.



Transformer Test Equipment

A range of equipment dedicated to the testing of transformers of all types and sizes.



Coil Test Equipment

A range of equipment for checking for shorted turns and the number of turns on a former.



Power Analysers

Single and Three Phase Power Analysers.



Submarine Cable Test Equipment

A range of equipment for the location of Submarine Cables and the faults in them.



Specialist Electronics Equipment

Cable High Resistance Fault Locator and Flour Colour Grader.



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