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Precision Instruments

Tinsley product range include Precision Resistance Thermometry, Resistance Measurement, Standard Resistors, Specialist Standards Equipment, Portable Bridges, Decade Resistance Boxes, Air Cooled Shunts, Transformer Test Equipment, Coil Test Equipment, Power Analysers, Submarine Cable Test Equipment , Specialist Electronics Equipment.


Precision Resistance Thermometry


A comprehensive range of Resistance Thermometer Bridges and Primary Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometers covering the range -189C to 660C. Tinsley also manufacture suitable Standard Resistors for calibration.


Model 5187SA Primary Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometer

This four terminal Precision Platinum Resistance Thermometer is designed to realise, with the highest accuracy, the International Temperature Scale ITS-90 over the range -189C to 660C.


Model 5187L Helium Filled Platinum Sheath Thermometer

This precision thermometer is suitable for use in the temperature range 13.08K to 330K and may be used totally immersed in a liquid, provided the liquid is a good electrical insulator.


Model 5840E2 Secondary Standards Bridge

5840E2 is a new series of high performance resistance thermometry bridges from Tinsley that is unique in offering the latest technology in both AC and DC measurement. Integrity in measurement has always been a hallmark of Tinsley instruments and 5840E2 continues that tradition.


Model 5840 Selector Switches

Tinsley Resistance Thermometer Selector Switches may be operated either manually or remotely via the Thermometer Bridge or computer.


Model 5648 Temperature Controlled Enclosure

This enclosure has been specially designed to accommodate a single precision resistor of the following types: 5685A, 5685B, 5685 or 5615 enabling improved stability when used in a non temperature controlled environment.



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West Asia Trading & Engineering Pte Ltd

No. 1 Kim Keat Lane

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Tel: +(65) 6250 5676

Fax: +(65) 6252 9890

E-mail: westasia@singnet.com.sg